MKE baggage claim

The Planning Process

The MKE Master Plan Update will describe MKE’s future.  It will serve as Milwaukee County’s strategy for the development of the airport over a planning horizon going out to 2040.  The Airport Master Plan process is guided by the FAA and ultimately results in projections of future passenger and aviation activity growth (such as aircraft take-offs and landings) and preparation of an Airport Layout Plan, which graphic defines how the Airport will evolve to accommodate increasing activity.

The Master Plan Update will follow a defined study process, starting with gathering information about existing facilities and aviation activity and preparing a 22-year forecast of passenger, aircraft, and cargo activity.  Next steps will assess the capabilities of existing facilities and determine how well these facilities can accommodate the forecast growth in demand. The gap between what existing facilities can efficiently handle and the future activity is the basis for creating future development alternatives – those changes at the airport that are necessary to meet future demand.  Ultimately, a preferred development path will be selected from the alternatives and a plan for its implementation defined.

Throughout the master planning process, public involvement and stakeholder coordination will be critical to ensuring the selected plan meets the needs of airport users and provides a safe operating environment while supporting the community by maintaining the Airport’s role as an economic engine in the state and the region.